The Business Analytics Summer School

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The Business Analytics Summer SchoolOrganized by IAE Pau-Bayonne and The Business Analytics Institute

The IAE Pau-Bayonne and The Business Analytics Institute will again be offering a 10-day Summer school from July 2nd to 11th 2018 on our seaside campus on the French Basque coast for upper-and postgraduate students on the foundations of data science and heurisics.

This unique summer session provides to the participants with a solid understanding of the practice of analytics – how to :

- Evaluate the data at hand,
- Apply the appropriate methodologies to specific types of professional challenges,
- Transform data into collective action.

This year’s session will highlight the applications of analytics in the fields of health and well-being.

Our professors and experts will help participants focus on best practices of work in the digital age, managerial decision-making, machine learning, community management and visual communications.Upon successful completion of this session, students will earn 4 ECTS from our University.

Complementary resources can be found on or in:
- on our YouTube channel
- on our dedicated portal
- on the Summer School executive summary

- PP presentation

- Poster