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Creation of the CORIEUPPA

Over the last few years, the University of Pau and the Adour Region has seen its international relations develop on many fronts. To mention just a couple of the key figures, UPPA is ranked eleventh university in France for outgoing mobility. The number of foreign students is constantly growing and it represents, for 2015/2016, 13.8% of the student population.

In the current context, UPPA’s international development strategy now aims to consolidate its foothold on an international level and its integration into the European training and research area, using its comparative plus points in terms of location to its advantage. In particular, the development of cross-border collaboration with the Spanish Universities of the Basque Country, Navarre and Saragossa, has been the priority initiative in the policy of promoting our university on an international level.

The creation of a commission dedicated to international relations is indispensable for a multi-discipline, multi-campus university like UPPA. While the transverse nature of internationalization goes without saying, the different faculties at UPPA are highly diverse. This means that coordinating actions requires specific care and attention to detail if we are to aspire to a common effort in steering the internationalization strategy. In addition, the support for international promotion – owing to the complexity of certain procedures, the diversity of the partners providing us with funding and the clauses governing the benefit of it – calls for the development of specific know-how.

The creation of CORIEUPPA (UPPA’s Commission for International and European Relations) also aims to facilitate the political operational implementation of the policy (i.e. the policy management level) which, in a university with the specificities that UPPA has, must remain the prerogative of the faculties or partners in the project.

Composition of CORIEUPPA

The following members form the UPPA IR Commission:

  • University President
  • Vice-Presidents CA (Board of directors), CS (Scientific council), CFVU (Curricula and Student Life Commission), IR (International Relations)
  • Student and Teacher Mobility Advisor
  • Cross-border collaboration Advisor
  • Head of International Office
  • Directors of the Doctoral schools
  • Director of the CLOUS
  • Director of the IEFE
  • and also a representative from each of the different faculties of the UPPA.


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