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International Master Programs

The UPPA currently offers over a dozen International Masters Programs taught in English .

GREEN Graduate Program : the UPPA offers a 5-year integrated Master’s/PhD program which provides research-intensive training in multiple fields, called the GREEN Graduate Program (GRaduate school for Energetic and Environmental iNnovation). Several courses of study taught entirely in English are part of this program. The GREEN Graduate Program is open to high-potential students from a variety of scientific backgrounds who have completed their undergraduate training with highest honors. To be selected, candidates must explicitly indicate in their letters of motivation their desire to integrate the GREEN Graduate Program, providing reasons for why they wish to participate in this research-focused PhD-Track.

The dedicated platform will open again on October 1st to receive new applications to International Master programs for academic year 2023-2024.

Applications are due by March 31st, 2023.

N.B. Our Masters programs will open provided sufficient admissions.

You may consult the International Master Programs Admissions Process FAQs here.

If needed, you may also contact the International Master Programs Admissions Office (master.programs @