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International Master Programs Admissions Process FAQs

Applications to International Master Programs taught in English at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) will be open from October 1, 2022 to April 5th, 2023.

The deadline for applications to GREEN Masters and Industry 4.0 has been extended until April 15th, 2023.

Here, you will find FAQs about the application procedure, program costs, grants, and visas. We will continue to add to this page over time.

If your question is not covered here, you may email the International Master Programs Admissions Office (master.programs @

  1. Applications to our Master Program taught in English at the UPPA are open from October 1st, 2022 to April 5th, 2023.

    The deadline for applications to GREEN Masters and Industry 4.0 has been extended until April 15th, 2023.

    Applications must be submitted via our dedicated platform in order to be examined for admission.

  2. Applying to a Master Program is done in three steps:

    1. creating your application by filling in the application form on our platform. You will receive a confirmation email at the end of this step with a link to create your login at the very bottom of this email.
    2. creating your login. You will receive an email containing your login and password.
    3. uploading your supporting documents (see FAQ #4, below).

    You will receive a confirmation email when your application is complete. Your application must be complete in order to be considered by the academic committee for admission.

  3. During the application process, you will be able to select up to three Master Programs. It is extremely important to rank the programs in order of your preference (i.e. rank the program that you would most like to be admitted to as priority 1 and your next choice as priority 2, and so on).

    If you are offered admission to your first-choice program, your other programs choices will be deleted. If you are not offered a place in the first program on your list, only then can you be offered admission for your second choice, and so on.

  4. The documents to be submitted are:

    1. A curriculum vitae / résumé
    2. A letter of motivation stating your full name, the Master Program to which you are applying, and your motivations for this choice.
      • Please note: you must submit one PDF file containing one to three letters of motivation, one per Master Program to which you are applying. That is, if you are applying to three Master Programs, you should upload three letters of motivation, combined into one PDF.
    3. A letter of reference from the supervisor of the program you are currently attending or from your latest academic supervisor, as well as any additional recommendation (academic or professional, if applicable)
    4. Transcripts of records including student ranking. If ranking is not available, a GPA score can be provided.
    5. An English proficiency certificate (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CPE, PTE, CAE... minimum equivalent to a B2 level), unless English is your native language, or you have completed higher studies in English. Your English may also be assessed during the admission process. For more information, please see FAQ #9. 
  5. The UPPA offers a 5-year integrated Master’s/PhD program which provides research-intensive training in multiple fields, called the GREEN Graduate Program (GRaduate school for Energetic and Environmental iNnovation). Several courses of study taught entirely in English are part of this program.

    The GREEN Graduate Program is open to high-potential students from a variety of scientific backgrounds who have completed their undergraduate training with highest honors.

    To be selected, candidates must explicitly indicate in their letters of motivation their desire to integrate the GREEN Graduate Program, providing reasons for why they wish to participate in this research-focused PhD-Track.

    For more information about this program, please see the dedicated webpage:

  6. We are aware that some documents cannot be obtained right away (studies currently underway) and delays may be unavoidable gathering the information needed to consider your application (e.g. references, certificates). Unofficial transcripts may be submitted in order to allow us to evaluate your application, but after admission, official documents will be required for enrollment.

  7. Student ranking and / or GPA (Grade Point Average) is crucial information that the selection committee will take into account when reviewing your application, and in particular when selecting candidates for grants.

    Candidates who are unable to provide their ranking or GPA can still apply but might not be selected for a merit-based grant.

    If you want to be considered as a candidate for a merit-based grant, you need to provide at least a supporting letter from the person in charge of your current course of study.

  8. The UPPA accepts original diplomas issued in French, English and Spanish. If your copies are not in one of those languages, you will need to translate them into French by a sworn translator. The French embassy in your country will have a list of local sworn translators.

  9. A minimum B2 level in English is required to be admitted to our International Master Programs.‚Äč The University accepts a variety of English Language tests such as: TOEIC, TOEFL, TOEFL Internet-based Test, IELTS, CPE, PTE (Pearson Test of English), CAE. Please check to be sure your test results are still valid (CPE and CAE results are valid for life).

    You may download our language test equivalency chart here

    You do not need to submit a certificate if: you are a native speaker of English, your undergraduate or graduate degree was conducted entirely in English or in an English-speaking country, or you have lived or worked in an English-speaking country for at least two years since graduating from university.

    All other students must provide a certificate or diploma proving your level of English. If you cannot book an English language placement test due to the pandemic, online placement tests may be provided for informational purposes (Duolingo, etc). Please be aware that in this case, your English language abilities may need to be verified during an interview with your professors before processing your application. Here is an informative guide for evaluating your language abilities.

  10. No prior knowledge of French is required to be admitted to an International Master Program taught in English at the UPPA.

    During the admission process, we ask you to indicate your level of French as this helps us to prepare French-language courses for incoming students.

    Here is an informative guide for evaluating your language abilities.

  11. Should you encounter an error message when clicking here to apply, please wait during the system maintenance and connect again later.  

  12. The Campus France - Études en France procedure is an application process for non-EU nationals living in one of these 67 countries. Once admitted to one of our Master Programs taught in English, candidates living in a country using this system will apply for a visa through the streamlined procedure for "admitted students."

    All candidates interested in our Master Programs must apply via our dedicated platform, as this is a requirement for being admitted.

  13. We aim to provide a decision within two months, provided your application is complete (following verification all of your supporting documents).

  14. Yes. If you are interested in joining the UPPA in 2023 but are worried about potential travel restrictions, we would still encourage you to apply. We continue to monitor the situation and provide support to incoming admitted students as needed.

  15. Applying to our Master Programs is free of charge. There is no application fee.

  16. The total cost of a Master Program at the UPPA is made up of administrative tuition and student fees.

    Administrative tuition in France is determined at a national level. The French Ministerial Order of April 19, 2019, amended on June 9, 2020, sets the national diploma fee for a Master Program as follows:

    • European nationals: €243
    • Extra-European nationals: €3770

    For academic year 2023-2024, the board of directors of the UPPA has extended its policy of automatically providing partial exemptions from differentiated enrollment fees to international students who would otherwise be subjected to these higher rates, except for students enrolling in the GREEN Graduate Program (no exoneration, cost: 3770 euros).

    As a result, extra-European nationals who enroll in Master programs other than the GREEN Graduate Program, and via formation initiale (classic enrollment), will be granted automatic partial reductions such that they will be able to pay the same enrollment fees as European nationals.

    Important: Additional pedagogical fees are required for enrollment in Engineering degrees (SIMOS) and Management degrees (EIBS). Please see the program brochures for more information.

    Important: Admitted candidates in any course of study who have taken a break of two or more years from their studies may not enroll via formation initiale (classic enrollment). Instead, they must enroll via the UPPA’s Continuing Education service (Formation Continue / DFTLV / FORCO). FORCO students are exempt from the CVEC, however they are subject to a different tuition scale, determined by the FORCO in the spring. One year of a Master's degree for a non-European FORCO student will cost a minimum of €3770. European FORCO students are subject to a different tuition scale and should contact the FORCO directly (accueil.forco @ to request a personalized quote for their studies.

    Extra fees: 

    • In addition to academic tuition, most formation initiale (classic enrollment) students must pay a student body fee (CVEC, which cost €95 in 2022-2023). 
    • In order to enroll at the UPPA, all students must provide proof of Third-Party Liability Insurance (assurance responsabilité civile - vie privée). See page 7 of our International Student Guide for more information and money-saving tips.

    On page 4 of our International Student Guide, you will find an estimated budget which breaks down program costs, optional and required insurance, and cost of living for your stay in France.

  17. Yes, as long as you meet enrollment deadlines, you may pay university tuition either in one lump sum or request to pay in three installments.

  18. To be considered for a merit-based grant, you have only to apply on time to a Master Program via our platform. Our academic committees evaluate each application and put forth the best candidates for grants.

    To be considered for an Eiffel Scholarship of Excellence  you must apply by November 30, 2022.

    To be considered for a grant from the Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine, you must apply by December 15, 2022. 

    You have no further steps to take.

    • Most merit-based grants do not exonerate recipients from paying university enrollment fees.
    • Generally speaking, such grants can only be disbursed after arriving in France and opening a French bank account, among other formalities. This may take around 8 weeks, so it is important to plan your finances accordingly.

    It is not possible to advance any grant money to laureates before they arrive in France.

  19. Most meri-based grants are awarded for one year only.

    Students have the option of applying for a second year of funding the following year but do not necessarily take priority over new applicants.

  20. Be sure to check Campus France’s Grant search engine to see if you qualify for another type of grant.

  21. Non-EU nationals will need a visa to study in France. The visa application process varies depending upon nationality AND current place of residence.

    Please refer to the website for accurate information specific to your situation.

    Candidates applying to an International Master taught in English at the UPPA are first admitted to the program and then apply for a visa via a fast-track process for admitted students.

  22. If you are accepted to a Master Program and need a visa, you will be able to apply for a visa through a simplified process for admitted students. 

    Students living in one of the 67 countries using Campus France Etudes en France:

    • Your visa application must be submitted through this platform, through the streamlined procedure for "admitted students." 
    • If you are concerned about the time it takes to obtain a visa, you have the option of creating a file as a candidate on the Campus France Etudes en France site now, which will allow you to obtain a file number right away. However, keep in mind that your application will only be considered if you have applied via our dedicated platform.

    If you live in a country that does not use the Etudes en France platform and you are admitted to a Master Program at the UPPA, you can use the website to find out how to go about requesting a student visa.

  23. Within two weeks of receiving your admission letter, you must confirm your intent to enroll in the master program.

    If we do not receive your confirmation within the two-week timeframe, you will be transferred to the waitlist and we cannot guarantee that your place in the master will be available.

    Please send your confirmation by email to the International Master Programs Admissions Office (master.programs @, copying the Academic Director of the program. You will find his/her email in the program brochure.