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"Buddy system", a mentoring program between international students and local students

"Buddy System" is a mentoring program which connects an exchange student with a local student to help along their integration in the school. The  platform will make it possible to connect these students.

How does the "Buddy System" work?

You just have to sign up and a "Buddy" (a local student if you are abroad or an international student if you are a local student) will be suggested based on your profile information.
All that’s left for you is to meet your "Buddy", share together the experience of student life at the UPPA and take advantage of the "Buddy System" (services and events are suggested on the Platform).
The "Buddy System" has been designed by ESN France, the student associative network specialised in mobility, and supported by Erasmus+, the Crous, the ministry of Higher Education and Campus France, among others.

Why should I be a "Buddy"?

Because it's an opportunity to speak several languages and experience cross-cultural exchanges in your city and to help a foreign student's integration. If you are thinking about studying abroad, it is an opportunity to discover the international spirit before leaving.

Why should I get a "Buddy"?

Because it's an invaluable help when discovering a new country (accommodation, administrative procedures, jobs...), but also because it allows you to familiarize with the local culture and practice the language.


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