French lessons (free) for foreign students

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French lessons (free) for foreign students

These are designed for international students enrolled at UPPA as part of an exchange programme (Erasmus, ICA, etc.). They are also open to postgraduates and placement students from all faculties on campus.

  • Content: French oral and written expression.
  • Purpose: to provide linguistic and cultural training that will help students adapt to life both within and outside the university.
  • Levels: students are divided into groups according to their level of French after the test that they sit in either September or January, depending on when they arrive. The levels, groups and lesson schedule are determined by the results of this test.

N.B. The lessons are not appropriate for students who have no or very little knowledge of French.

  • Workload: One or two 2-hour lessons a week depending on the level, at the end of the afternoon (starting at 17:00 or 17:30).
  • Venue:
    • IEFE rooms, Faculty Arts and Humanities - Pau
    • CLEREMO rooms, Sainte Claire building (near the IUT) - Bayonne
  • Validating the course:
    • If they so wish, students can include these lessons in their learning agreement under the heading “French for communication”.
    • Exam level: B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
    • Students who do not want to or cannot sit the university test can ask their teacher for a statement of attendance and assessment.


Course Title





French for communication

1 or 2 x 2hrs/week


3 ECTS/semester

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