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Food service

The student card (IZLY) gives you access to all the university restaurants (RU) and may be used as a payment method which you can recharge using a bank card or wire transfer via the IZLY mobile application or the IZLY website.

University restaurants offer full and balanced meals for 3.25 €.

Addresses and open hours of university restaurants:

In Pau

University restaurant Cap Sud

Monday to Friday 11.30 - 13.45 and Monday to Thursday 18.00 – 20.00
Pizzas, fast-food, dish of the day...

Cafeteria Arlequin

Monday to Thursday 7.30 - 17.15 and Friday 7.30 – 16.00
Pastries, pizzas, sandwich bar and take-away.

Restaurante café universitario La Vague

Bar from 8.15 to 14.15
Breakfast, pastries, fresh fruit juice, hot or cold drinks.

Sandwich bar from 11.30 to 14.00
Sandwiches, savoury tarts, Fast-food and take-away

Lunch from 11.30 to 13.45
Dish of the day, grilled meats.

In Bayonne

University restaurant La Nive

Monday to Friday 11.45h - 13.30 (Tel.: 05 59 63 20 66)
Dish of the day, grilled meats, pasta, sandwiches.

In Anglet

University restaurant Pierre Bidart

Monday to Friday 11:45 - 13:30
Dish of the day, grilled meats, sandwiches.