Your arrival



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Coordinateur Erasmus+

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Your arrival

As soon as you arrive, whatever your subject area, you must go to the:

  • International Office for students in Pau
  • Registrar’s office for students in Bayonne - Anglet - Mont-de-Marsan - Tarbes

There you will:

  • Complete your administrative enrolment (mandatory and free of charge)
  • Obtain your AQUIPASS student card
  • Enrol for your course once you have met your coordinator

This service is closed at the weekend and on public holidays.

Offices you will need to contact during your period of study

Registrar’s office

  • For your enrolment
  • For attendance certificates
  • For your exam results

Departmental secretary’s office

  • For your timetable
  • For the course programmes

International Office

  • To have your arrival and departure certificates signed
  • To have your learning agreement signed by the UPPA Erasmus+ coordinator (Institutional Coordinator)
  • For any other requests

Enrolling for exams

Depending on the faculty, you enrol for exams either at the registrar’s office or in the secretary’s office of the department in which you are studying.